About the Author

The Reverend Dr. Frank M. Yamada is the 10th President of McCormick Theological Seminary. He is the first Asian American to serve as president of a Presbyterian Church (U. S. A.) Seminary. He is a forward thinking leader in theological education and the Church.

Prior to joining McCormick’s faculty in 2008, Dr. Yamada was an Associate Professor at Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL. A graduate of Southern California College, he earned his Masters of Divinity and Doctor of Philosophy from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he studied Hebrew Bible with an emphasis on hermeneutics, feminist theory, and culturally-contextual biblical interpretation.

Dr. Yamada was an editor of and contributor to The Peoples’ Bible, a cross-cultural study bible from Augsburg Fortress Press (2008) and The Peoples’ Companion to the Bible (2010). He is the author of Configurations of Rape in the Hebrew Bible: A Literary Analysis of Three Rape Narratives (Peter Lang, 2008). His writing has appeared in several edited collections, bible dictionaries, lectionary volumes, websites, and periodicals including The Christian CenturyHe is a recognized and sought after speaker and consultant on issues of diversity and cross-cultural theological education. He has provided leadership through the Association of Theological Schools, within the academy, and in the local and national church. He is a minister of word and sacrament in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).


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